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Become a Wedding Planner

How To Become A Wedding Planner

Get certified
It is not mandatory to be certified to become a wedding planner but it does help in learning about the business and the training can come in handy when challenges arise. Couples are more likely to hire a certified professional wedding planner. A program that I would recommend investing in is ‘The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada’. They offer a two day course that will introduce you to the business and teach you what you need to know to begin your journey in the wedding industry. There are many other courses and programs that will build your knowledge in the business and provide the education you are looking for. I like this program but make sure you research and find the program that best suits you!

Gain knowledge
Research, research, research!  There is so much to learn about weddings and the industry. Read books, search the internet, talk to professionals and learn the latest trends. Knowledge is key!

Gain experience
The best way to gain experience is through hands on work. This gives you a chance to use your knowledge, also to experience what its like to use it in the field. Another benefit of work experience is learning things from the professionals you are working with and the situations you come across. On the day of the wedding, planners look to hire people to help with set up and take down as well as have an assistant to help throughout the day. This is the perfect opportunity for aspiring wedding planners to to get involved and gain experience.

Open your own company or join an already established wedding planning company in Calgary
This will allow couples to find you as a business professional and you can begin to build a portfolio. Don’t forget that word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

Start networking and building business relationships
Within the wedding industry networking goes a long way. By building relationships and starting partnerships, you can help each other succeed in the business. It becomes a win win situation, you soon learn who you work well with and can rely on for your own clients weddings.

Build a portfolio
People love pictures and testimonies. They want to see what you can do and hear from previous clients that you are good at what you do. When you are just starting out, a great way to show off your creativity is through styled shoots. This allows you to build a set and work with vendors to complete the designed shoot. Not only will you build business relationships, but you will have photographs of your design to show clients in your portfolio. Another way to gain experience, pictures and testimonies is by planning weddings for friends and family. You may be working for free, but in the end it will be worth it and you will feel more confident and knowledgable to take on future clients. A good reference can go a long way!


Becoming a Personal Trainer in Canada

Unfortunately there is no standardization for personal trainers in Canada and throughout the provinces and territories. Anyone with a business card and a great body can call themselves a personal trainer. Many facilities have people doing their personal training with little to no education and as we all know a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Reputable facilities will not hire trainers with on-line and weekend courses so if you want to be taken seriously as a trainer then go back to school and get the appropriate courses needed to be a safe effective trainer. Such as anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, exercise prescription and design, etc. Reading fitness and body building magazines isn’t good enough.

The trainers in my personal training studio (Phoenix Personal Fitness Inc.) are contracted and need to have a kinesiology degree or equivalent or the Mount Royal Personal Training Certification or equivalent. They need to have current CPR (renewed yearly), First-aid (renewed every 3 years), carry liability insurance for 2 million dollars and have some experience in the fitness industry. My trainers are not cookie cutter trainers and all have varying areas of expertise and knowledge, because every client that walks through my doors isn’t the same and requires a different training experience. My trainers stay current by attending workshops and doing continuing ed. The health and fitness industry is constantly evolving and if you think you know it all then you will never make it in this industry.

A great trainer is a people person and must really like people and want to help them achieve their goals. If you are looking for 9-5 then personal training isn’t for you. We train when other people aren’t working (early mornings, lunch time, evenings and weekends). Trainers with the appropriate credentials will make a good living but you won’t get rich. The trainers of the rich and famous are few and far between.

I have been in the fitness industry since I graduated from university in 1982. It is a rewarding career if you are willing to take the appropriate steps and pay your dues.

Doing business with Pet Products in Canada

Everyone loves pets and whatever part of world you go to, humans have a tendency to own pet animals be it cats, dogs or hamsters. Due to a growing number of pet owners, two businesses have recently grown into huge revenue generators –


1. Veterinary clinics


Just like humans, your pets fall sick too – ranging from small stomach upsets to deadly cancers and even blindness/deafness through old age. Some cities have so many pets, that almost every vet opens his own clinic instead of working for a Vet Hospital. I live in a city where you can find atleast 2 clinics within a few blocks of your home. This is great for the pets and their owners but at the same time shows the amount of demand that is out there.


2. Pet products


Well the title says it all. Today’s pet shops have all the goodies you can think of for your pets. You name it – from dog leashes and accessories to selling chew toys. I have also come across businesses that take a different approach and provide other services such as pet photos and pet plaques – dedicated to your pets. Just like the vet clinics, you can find small pet shops to thousands of square feet large pet malls where you can buy all sorts of things – including cages, crates, blankets – one of the shops in Calgary also builds an entire doghouse/ room for your dog. It includes a full-fledged bed, multiple eating bowls, auto-refill water bowls, game and puzzle zone. So if you love your pet and have an estate with a huge lawn and a dog house – your pet can live it up too.

Web Design & Marketing Business

Interested in being a web designer? Or an Internet Marketing Professional ? Every week we are going to produce an article that really helps all those young bloods out there to find something to do and build a future.

Today we are going to discuss web designing and marketing profession. Being a web designer might not sound that hard, however being a good one is tough. Whats even harder is to get clients to buy into what you are offering in the highly competitive markets.

There are several web design companies out there – however not all can get enough clients to stay afloat; so here is my suggestion -

If you a new grad or a student thinking of getting into marketing and web designing, I highly suggest you to get a part-time job – why? Because like I said getting clients is not easy. Enroll yourself into a web design certificate course – try to build your portfolio and contacts while working and studying. Once you graduate you will still not be able to run a business that can keep you afloat for long….so continue to work and getting clients.

It can take upto 2-3 years to fully setup a business where you are at a point to hire more designers and expand into internet marketing. Internet marketing is whole different world – but your web design clients can get you rolling in days depending on how good you are at convincing them.

SEO Internet Marketing can really help you expand your and your clients businesses. This is how various web design and marketing companies have actually developed a large team and clientele.


Advice for Chiropractor and Physiotherapy new grads

Too many of us come out of chiropractic or physiotherapy school, are excited to use all the skills we have learned to cure the world of pain, help people change there lives. Most practitioners goals is to work for themselves, but when we come out of school and the first thing we realize is “I have no business training.” I have not had to look for a job in this field. What do i do?”


The first thing I am here to tell you is take a deep breath. Everyone wants to come out of school and be making big bucks. This should not be your focus. Find a good place to gain experience, find your identity. What most physiotherapists and chiropractors do not realize is that a lot of what you learned in school is not what you will see in real life. You will find that there are certain techniques that work better and certain techniques that don’t.  You will discover how to truly diagnose patients, when you can help and when you cannot. Most importantly you will define your own practice style and figure out who you want to be as a practitioner.



I had the fortune of getting great experience. My first job as a chiropractor in Calgary allowed me to work with in my opinion one the most knowledgable sports rehab practioners in all of Canada. I got exposure to not just doing therapy for pain and prevention, but also for performance. He took me and helped me apply all the stuff I learned in school, Gait analysis, running analysis and helped me put it into practical application. This was the best skills I possibly could have learned. I have since taken what I have learned, refined it and applied a few more techniques to make the treatment more effective for my patients.



While all this is happening I also learned how to run an office, observed what my Mentor had done and followed suit. Creating procedures, scheduling times to maximize space etc were all important things that I used when I eventually got my own practice.


So all of you young chiropractors and physiotherapists, feel free to contact my chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic in Calgary for work and general help. Do not be scared when you come out of school. Focus on finding your identity first, find a clinic that fits with your values. The rest will naturally come on its own.

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