Everyone loves pets and whatever part of world you go to, humans have a tendency to own pet animals be it cats, dogs or hamsters. Due to a growing number of pet owners, two businesses have recently grown into huge revenue generators –


1. Veterinary clinics


Just like humans, your pets fall sick too – ranging from small stomach upsets to deadly cancers and even blindness/deafness through old age. Some cities have so many pets, that almost every vet opens his own clinic instead of working for a Vet Hospital. I live in a city where you can find atleast 2 clinics within a few blocks of your home. This is great for the pets and their owners but at the same time shows the amount of demand that is out there.


2. Pet products


Well the title says it all. Today’s pet shops have all the goodies you can think of for your pets. You name it – from dog leashes and accessories to selling chew toys. I have also come across businesses that take a different approach and provide other services such as pet photos and pet plaques – dedicated to your pets. Just like the vet clinics, you can find small pet shops to thousands of square feet large pet malls where you can buy all sorts of things – including cages, crates, blankets – one of the shops in Calgary also builds an entire doghouse/ room for your dog. It includes a full-fledged bed, multiple eating bowls, auto-refill water bowls, game and puzzle zone. So if you love your pet and have an estate with a huge lawn and a dog house – your pet can live it up too.