Too many of us come out of chiropractic or physiotherapy school, are excited to use all the skills we have learned to cure the world of pain, help people change there lives. Most practitioners goals is to work for themselves, but when we come out of school and the first thing we realize is “I have no business training.” I have not had to look for a job in this field. What do i do?”


The first thing I am here to tell you is take a deep breath. Everyone wants to come out of school and be making big bucks. This should not be your focus. Find a good place to gain experience, find your identity. What most physiotherapists and chiropractors do not realize is that a lot of what you learned in school is not what you will see in real life. You will find that there are certain techniques that work better and certain techniques that don’t.  You will discover how to truly diagnose patients, when you can help and when you cannot. Most importantly you will define your own practice style and figure out who you want to be as a practitioner.



I had the fortune of getting great experience. My first job as a chiropractor in Calgary allowed me to work with in my opinion one the most knowledgable sports rehab practioners in all of Canada. I got exposure to not just doing therapy for pain and prevention, but also for performance. He took me and helped me apply all the stuff I learned in school, Gait analysis, running analysis and helped me put it into practical application. This was the best skills I possibly could have learned. I have since taken what I have learned, refined it and applied a few more techniques to make the treatment more effective for my patients.



While all this is happening I also learned how to run an office, observed what my Mentor had done and followed suit. Creating procedures, scheduling times to maximize space etc were all important things that I used when I eventually got my own practice.


So all of you young chiropractors and physiotherapists, feel free to contact my chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic in Calgary for work and general help. Do not be scared when you come out of school. Focus on finding your identity first, find a clinic that fits with your values. The rest will naturally come on its own.