Interested in being a web designer? Or an Internet Marketing Professional ? Every week we are going to produce an article that really helps all those young bloods out there to find something to do and build a future.

Today we are going to discuss web designing and marketing profession. Being a web designer might not sound that hard, however being a good one is tough. Whats even harder is to get clients to buy into what you are offering in the highly competitive markets.

There are several web design companies out there – however not all can get enough clients to stay afloat; so here is my suggestion -

If you a new grad or a student thinking of getting into marketing and web designing, I highly suggest you to get a part-time job – why? Because like I said getting clients is not easy. Enroll yourself into a web design certificate course – try to build your portfolio and contacts while working and studying. Once you graduate you will still not be able to run a business that can keep you afloat for long….so continue to work and getting clients.

It can take upto 2-3 years to fully setup a business where you are at a point to hire more designers and expand into internet marketing. Internet marketing is whole different world – but your web design clients can get you rolling in days depending on how good you are at convincing them.

SEO Internet Marketing can really help you expand your and your clients businesses. This is how various web design and marketing companies have actually developed a large team and clientele.